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Scotland - Speyside


A list of self-visited whisky distilleries in different Scottish destinations and other countries.

  • Scotland - Speyside: The whisky trail.
  • Scotland - Islay: The heart of smoky whisky.
  • Scotland - Highlands: Scottish montain mainland.
  • Scotland - Divers: Arran, Campbeltown, Lowlands, Orkneys and Skye.
  • USA: Home of whiskey - mainly Kentucky and Tennessee
  • International: Ireland, Japan and other.

The distilleries have detailled pictures.

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A list of top rated whisky self-tasted in different private and public tastings. The ratings have the categories:

  • Perfect: The dreams of a perfect whisky came true.
  • Very good: A nearly perfect whisky.
  • Good: This stuff is a must have for your throat.
  • Normal: The expectations of a single malt whisky are fulfilled.
  • Fair: Yeah, it's a single malt whisky.
  • Poor: Some weakness in the whisky.
  • Unsatisfactory: Not recommended. It's not all it's cracked up to be.
  • Not yet rated: Rating will commming soon...

Most of these whiskys have detailled pictures.

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